A few reasons why I love LA…


  1. I know EVERYONE says this – but the weather, truly ,is amazing!  I moved south from NY to get away from the snow.  After that winter with 7 feet of snow in less than 2 weeks, I had to get out of there.  But then moving here…oh my gosh, the climate is the best!  I don’t think I can ever go back.
  2. People are SO friendly!  Even the mailman shook my hand and introduced himself when I first met him.  Again, I thought people were friendly in the south, but I have had more random conversations with strangers here.  That could also be because of the baby…everyone talks to me about little Z.
  3. I’m a little obsessed with celebrities – I mean, I don’t buy the Enquirer or anything; but I do go to people.com because I like to know what’s going on.  Especially now that I have the greater chance of running into them!
  4. It’s cool.  I’m not gonna lie…LA is one of the coolest places to live.  I always thought so as kid and it’s still true.  I still can’t believe I get to live here!


This is why I won’t live in NY again…


  1. love the page!!!! keep the posts coming! my sister will love to hear about the cupcake shops/bakeries and any other sweet sensation shops too so i’ll make sure she likes your page!! Miss you!

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  4. The photo of the car in the snow bank made me laugh! I’m Canadian so I know exactly what you are talking about – I would love to move to L.A. to escape winter!!

    • I was on the way to the gym, and the roads were more slippery than I thought! I got out and ran to get my dad to pull me out of the ditch! So glad I don’t have to deal with that anymore. Although, there is the traffic…

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