SusieCakes doesn’t take the cake…


This past weekend I visited SusieCakes in Brentwood – I got a recommendation from our babysitter plus I heard about them in one of the “Best of” articles.  I should tell you from the start that I’m not a huge fan of red velvet but my husband is so I got him 2 of those.  I always end up trying them because I’m always curious.  The frosting was pretty good – had a great cream cheese flavor.  But the cake part was not to my liking or my husband’s for that matter.  It was bright red, like Ronald McDonald red, so right off the bat it wasn’t very appetizing.  The cake didn’t have that much flavor and it was too light and fluffy.  I like a nice dense cake.  We ended up throwing the 2nd red velvet out… I felt bad about it, but neither of us wanted it – not worth the calories!

I also got a mint chocolate and a coconut.  The mint was okay.  But the coconut was fabulous!  It seriously made the trip worth it… tasted just like a coconut cupcake should in my opinion.  While eying the cupcakes, I noticed their other treats so I got a sugar cookie and a whoopie pie.  The cookie was delicious, but the whoopie pie was too sweet.  Most of the whoopie pies I’ve had and made myself have a nice cake-like cookie, but this was more like a regular cookie and kind of crunchy on the outside.  I finished it but only with a cup of coffee to level out the sweetness.  I wouldn’t buy it again.

Overall, the place was okay.  I wouldn’t go out of my way to go there again, but if I was in the area or craving a coconut cupcake, I would definitely make the trip.  There are too many cupcakes places to keep going to the same one all the time.  Part of the fun is the adventure getting there!

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