Revenge at Cafe Surfas…


I’ve been to Cafe Surfas three times so far.  I, of course, checked out their Yelp page before visiting.  Pretty good reviews and since it’s within walking distance of our apartment, I wanted to give it a try.

The first time I went, it was just Zoe and me for lunch.  It was very busy so we had to wait in line.

I ordered the grilled cheese – a gourmet version with three different cheeses, which came with a small, fancy salad with flowers on top.  I had read in the reviews that this sandwich was good and I agree – it’s delicious!  I also ordered a soup – chicken orzo or something like that and it was very good too.  Add in a drink and a small cookie and my lunch was $17!  Too much to pay for lunch in my opinion… even if it was three courses!  Haha.

I haven’t been back for lunch; however, Zubair and I have been there 2 more times for dessert.  Once we just got a few things to go: a piece of chocolate cake, a individually sized blueberry pie, and a brownie – and unfortunately they were all underwhelming.

I am not impressed by their desserts at all.  Now here’s the thing, there’s a restaurant supply store attached to this cafe… you would think their food would be exceptional.

We went back again for some dessert and coffee.  I really want to like this place – it’s so close to us.

Well, I am VERY glad we were there that day because while sipping a latte (which was good, by the way) in walks Emily VanCamp and Josh Bowman from Revenge!

I recognized them immediately because I love that show!  I was like, “Zubair, don’t look – but Emily is here!”  He had no idea who Emily was – he was just hoping I wouldn’t embarrass him too much.  Well, I kept my cool until they left, then I FREAKED out!

Oh, you know, just a casual day in LA – sipping lattes and running into people from TV!  I totally forgot about the piece of not-so-good red velvet cake that we shared.  If you eat at Cafe Surfas, don’t get dessert!

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