The big move…


I’m getting really good at moving.  The whole going to live in a new place is great; the packing and unpacking not so much.

I’ve moved so often in the last several years… And not just moving to a new house across town, but across-the-country, many-states-away.  Growing up I lived in the same house from ages 6 to 18.  I remember moving once before, but it was, literally, down the road.  I lived in New York until I was 23, then moved to Georgia for the first time.  Next was Washington State (that story is another post) and then back to New York for a few years.  Again to Georgia after I got married; and now to California.

I hope we live in California for a long, long time.  However, I thought we would be in Georgia for a while too.  In fact, both times I moved to Georgia I planned on being there a while and unexpectedly left.

The move to California was the hardest because Zoe was a newborn, not yet 3 months.  Additionally, Zubair had to leave before me to find a place to live and start his job.  He was offered the job in the beginning of January and had only a couple days to accept; plus, they wanted him to start in less than 2 weeks.

The week before we knew anything about California, while watching Private Practice, they panned a view of the beach and I thought to myself, “Wow, I could live there.”  No joke.

A beach in Santa Monica

So when Zubair came in my office to tell me about the job, I immediately said “Let’s go” and began thinking about how we could make it happen.   So about a week later, he packed his stuff, loaded some things into the car, and drove off.  I would soon meet him in LA…

Meanwhile, a friend and my MIL both took turns keeping me company and helping me with the baby and packing.  We hired a moving company to do some of the packing and drive our stuff across the country.  After what seemed like the longest 10 days ever, it was time for my plane trip with the baby and the cat.  Another friend graciously agreed to walk me through the airport because Security actually makes you take the cat of the carrier.

My friend who took me to the airport took this right after I upgraded to business class

I was so nervous about the flight; and when it was over, I was as proud of myself as I would be if I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro.  I even saw Elizabeth Vargas as I was coming out of the airport restroom.  I didn’t recognize her at first because she was in plain clothes, but I kept staring until she told me I had a cute baby.

I had to take a cab to the apartment since Zubair was working; although, he met me there to say hello and let me inside.  I got there a couple minutes before him… so there I was standing on the sidewalk – baby in carrier, cat in carrier, bags all around – feeling the sunshine and taking in the view of the street on which I now live.  As I watched him drive up, it suddenly felt like home.

Tell us about your moving adventures in the comments section below!

The palm tree outside our front door


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  3. First of all I think I am behind the eight ball. I didn’t even realize you lived in California! Second, you are one brave chica. Love your positive outlook on the transition. For me,it took a while to transition when we moved to WNY. Almost 4 years later, and I still feel like I am transitioning. It was my first big move, besides college, I had found out I was pregnant a week after we moved, and I realized so much about myself that I had not realized. Including that one of my big security blankets was my friends and family. It’s been a journey, but I know God knew I needed the transition to help me grow in certain areas. I am thankful for times I am forced to grow, because it is so easy to just continue with what I am comfortable with. Thanks for sharing your story.

    • Hey Grace – thanks for your comment…

      Haha! Well, I guess you’ve been busy! Yeah, we moved in January when Zubair accepted the job at Sony Imageworks. Did you know his name is in the credits for The Amazing Spiderman?

      I got used to being far from my friends and family when I lived in Spokane several years ago. It was a rough time in my life. I definitely learned to rely on God more at that point.

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