A Father’s Day Tribute…


This year I have 2 fathers in my life.  One, of course, being my own dad and the other, my wonderful husband, who’s now the dad to our 7 month old daughter.  I’m going to take a moment to honor both of them.

At my wedding rehearsal

My dad was always there for my brother and me – playing hide and go seek; taking us to the museum; and attending every sporting event possible. 

He’s also a great cook; still when I visit, I ask him to make my favorites. 

He often taught us things by modeling them – like commitment and faithfulness to God and the church.  Service and generosity while helping those in need. 

One of the most important lessons my dad taught me was to “Sit with the lonely kid in the lunchroom”. 

His stories emphasized the importance of being friendly to the less popular kids – likely to be one of the reasons I studied social work in college.  In several of my past jobs I spent a lot of time with those viewed as “less popular” to let them know they matter and have a voice.  People’s feelings are more important than being “cool”.  My own children will soon hear the wise words of my father.

Big Z and little Z at 6 weeks

While dating, I wondered what kind of father my future husband would be… and then I saw him with his little cousins and I knew he would be amazing.  He was gentle, playful, and firm and that’s exactly the kind of father he is to Zoe. 

I love watching them together or listening to them from another room.  He’s so patient and fun and already teaching her important stuff like web development, coding, Star Trek, and how to walk.  She gets so excited when she sees him walk in the door. 

I’m so proud to be his partner in this journey of parenthood and excited for all the adventures ahead.

Happy Father’s Day


  1. Jen, I dont have the words to tell you just how much you and your family i.e. Mom & Dad and you & your husband have blessed my life.
    Your mon & dad have been faithful to God and the church and I think have done an awesome job of parenting!

    My prayer for you and Zubair is that you will do the same.

    Please keep me in the loop..and if you guys need prayer for anything…please let me know!

    God bless
    Pastor Jim

  2. Jennifer what you wrote was so beautiful and meaning. What a wonderful daughter and wife you are to be so thoughtful and caring and be able to write so beautifully. Your dad and husband must be so proud to have a special daughter and wife like you!

    • Thanks Christiane! I got a little teary writing it. They are both so special to me – it felt like the least I could do!

  3. Dear Jen,
    Your writing just made my day. A person’s greatest accomplishment must be raising a kind and caring child. In this regard, Deb and Rick have far exceeded any ordinary feat. I miss seeing them regularly and skiing first run with your father. They are both an inspiration to me as I know you will be to your friends as well.

    Happy Father’s Day!
    And Love,

    • Hi MaryRita. Thank you! and thanks for stopping by. I agree – they did a great job and I am so grateful for it.

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