Sprinkles is the place to be, unless you’re at Crumbs…


As soon as I googled bakeries in LA, Sprinkles appeared in the list.  Apparently it’s the place to be in LA because every time we drive by, there’s a line out the door.  Okay, so this really only happened one time, but it was Mother’s Day and I wanted a Sprinkles cupcake!

I talked about going there for weeks and was excited until I saw the line.  I’m not waiting on line for a cupcake.  I already did that in NYC for Magnolia Bakery on a freezing cold day and the cupcakes were disgusting.  So forget about it, we’ll go another time.

Then a short way down the road, I see a Crumbs.  I already know I like Crumbs because I’ve visited them several times in NYC and once in the Newark airport of all places.  As a Mother’s Day special, Crumbs was offering a 4 for the price of 3 deal; so I took them up on the offer and got 2 for Zubair and 2 for me.   Red velvet and peanut butter cup for him and grasshopper and good old vanilla for me!  They are all deliciously big and perfect.

I like pretty much everything about this place and highly recommend it.  Except for one small thing – they’re not new to me anymore.  And half the fun is the adventure and the newness.  So now, Sprinkles is even more desiring.

About a week later, while in the area, we go by again to see if the line is manageable.  I don’t see anyone outside.  So we stop; and I run inside while Zubair stays in the car with Zoe.  This is how we do most of the cupcake runs.

When I get inside there are a few people in front of me so I wait… This gives me time to look around and decide which flavors I want.  Finally, it’s my time to order: red velvet, peanut butter chip, chocolate marshmallow and coconut.

Zubair eats the red velvet right away; I try it too…amazing.  He says it’s the best he’s had so far; and I agree that it’s an awesome cupcake.  The chocolate marshmallow was nothing special, same with the coconut – neither of them stand out.  However, the peanut butter chip is sooo good.  It was supposed to be for Zubair, but he didn’t want it because of the sprinkles on top.  Turns out the sprinkles are real chocolate from France!  All their ingredients are high quality which certainly makes a difference in my book.

According to their website, Sprinkles was the first cupcake bakery in the world, hence a certain level of expectation.  Even if only 50% of the mentioned cupcakes were amazing, it’s enough to entice me back.

They also just opened the first ever cupcake ATM outside their store and an ice cream shop next door; therefore, I have a couple other reasons (or excuses) to go back.

Also, they give their facebook followers a secret code for free cupcakes to the first 50 customers just about every day.  It’s definitely a touristy spot, but I’m a sucker just the same.

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