A few reasons why I love being a mom…


Posing for the camera in front of the mirror

  1. My daughter thinks I’m the next American Idol.  I like to sing, but I’m tone deaf and she doesn’t care.  Unlike my mother, who moved away from my aunt and me in church because we were off key and messing her up.  I sing and dance for Zoe every day and she loves it – it’s a real confidence booster!
  2. Seeing the world through her eyes makes everything exciting as she discovers it for the first time.  I never thought I would get such a kick out of the smallest things, yet to her they are big and important.  Silverware, paper, the phone, cords and string are totally cool to her.  I could go on and on…but you get what I mean – I love watching her explore!

    A toilet paper roll makes a great toy for about 60 seconds

  3. Peek-a-boo is the best!  Her smile and little laugh melt my heart every single time.  It’s my new goal in life to make her happy just so I can see that gummy smile.  I tickle her so I can hear her laugh.  I love that she loves to play with me!
  4. I have to mention the snuggles!  She’s just learning how to give kisses and it’s the cutest thing.  Plus, I love how she reaches for me and how she holds on to me when I’m carrying her.  To her, I am safety – and she needs me to feel secure.  That’s such an awesome responsibility… and in return, I get hugs.
  5. She makes me want to be a better person.  Right now she’s a little sponge picking up on everything I say and do, so I’m very aware that I need to be a good role model for her.  And when I lose my patience or say something I shouldn’t, I apologize.  Even if she’s 7 months, I want to teach her the importance of owning our actions and humbling ourselves to the person we’ve wronged.  It’s not an easy thing to do but it’s something I value.
  6. She’s a constant reminder of what’s really important.  I’m pretty sure that when I get to the end of my life I won’t regret all the time I’ve spent with her rather than cleaning, cooking, working, etc.  Caring for her means I have to prioritize.  Enough said.  Getting rid of the guilt is a whole other post…


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