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I am grateful to the many people that gave us all the clothes and very cool baby things.  Thankfully, in addition to the gifts, we didn’t go TOO crazy buying stuff (see #6) because our place now can’t hold that much.   These are a few of my essentials in no particular order.

1. Ergobaby – I absolutely love this thing and use it all the time!  I don’t know what I would do without it.  Zoe loves being in it so I often carry her around at home when she wants to be held and I have stuff to do.  It’s also great for shopping and walking to town.  She doesn’t always like the stroller or the shopping cart, so I bring the Ergo wherever I go in case she wants to be picked up.

Zoe chillin on the My Brest Friend

2. My Brest Friend – my dear friend gave me her My Brest Friend and it was perfect for those early days of nursing around the clock.  After I got home from the hospital with Zoe, I literally sat on the couch for hours watching TV, holding her while she slept and feeding her.  The My Brest Friend made it so easy to hold her for all that time.  I still use it now to put behind Zoe when she sits on the wood floor.

3. Our changing table – I’m not one to change Zoe on the floor so our changing table is a lifesaver.  My mom got us a cool one with drawers for extra storage.  When we were moving, I had to change Zoe on the bed or the floor and it hurt my back after a while.  I’m very thankful for the table!  I know some people say they can live without it, but not me!  I’ve also seen the idea of just using a dresser and adding the changing pad to the top.  But I really like having the safety bar on ours.

4. Muslin Cotton Baby Blankets – we use these all the time.  My favorite brands are aden + anais and luna lullaby.  They are so soft and snuggly – and they continue to get softer each time I wash them.

Zoe and her luna lullaby blankie

5. Indestructibles – these books are chew proof, rip proof, nontoxic, and washable.  Zoe loves them.  She has tried to destruct them, but they live up to their name.

6. – it’s the best deal website.  I got so many things from them while preparing for Zoe.  I learned about the best brands; it’s great to hear all the reviews from the other mamas.  Zubair even told a mom at his work about this site… well, he told her that my paycheck and half of his paycheck go to them.  It’s not THAT bad though.  But many of Zoe’s toys, diapers, pajamas, blankets, etc. came from  They have 2 sales a day – most stuff is 50% off.  Watch out – it’s addictive!

7. – I visited this site so often in the beginning – I was a breastfeeding novice.  Even with all the support I got from the lactation specialist at the hospital, I had so many questions… I am thankful for this site!

What are some of your favorite baby items?  Any you can’t live without?

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