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Since Zoe was born in Atlanta, about 1,000 miles away from our families, a trip to New York to meet the family was inevitable at some point.  Then when she was four months, a good friend of mine was having a bridal shower near our family.  Just the excuse I needed to bring Zoe along for some introductions!

Four generations this past March

Before we left I was very aware of how overwhelming it could possibly be for her to meet so many new people all at once.  She normally doesn’t come in contact with large groups very often.  However, since I am very out-going and Zubair is more of an introvert, it’s a toss up for Zoe.

I must say that she handled it very well.  There were a few times when it did get a little much for her and I had to give her a break in the other room.  And she let them hand her around like a hot potato for a while, but then wanted her mama. 

I had my eyes on her the whole time making sure she was doing okay.  Even though I was glad for her to meet everyone, I wanted to protect her from being too uncomfortable.

Last time we hardly left my parents house.  Everyone came to us, which was good so we didn’t have to drive all around town.  Zoe wasn’t a big fan of car rides back then.  She seems not to mind so much nowadays. 

While we were there, my mother compared her house to Grand Central Station – it was like a revolving door of visitors.  Very fun and good to see everyone, but kind of tiring.  It felt like I needed a vacation from my vacation when I got home.

I’m excited to see how she is when we go back next month as she will be 8 months old this time.  We will be there a lot longer too so that should make things easier ( I hope).  It’s especially precious to watch my parents with her.

I can’t help but wonder if they keep seeing me in her and try to guess where the last 31 years has gone… I get such joy out of seeing Zoe connect with them.  I am happy she will get to meet my brother since before he was in Brazil.  And Zubair will be with us this time too.  He couldn’t travel with us in March because of work.  This will be the first time his family gets to see him with Zoe.

My hope for Zoe as she grows is that she will love flying to New York to spend time with all her family.  We are fortunate to visit twice this year so far.  I can’t anticipate it will be like this every year, so thank goodness for Skype.  Zubair and I are both close with our families and we want to share that with Zoe as much as we can.

Zoe with Uncle Khafra


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