Happy Birthday, Mom!


One of my favorites

Today, I celebrate my mother.  I will see her in 4 days; however, I think this is the first time I haven’t seen her on her actual birthday.

A few things you should know about my mom:

  1. She is extremely honest.  Even rivaling Honest Abe.  Seriously.  If she owes you a penny, she will cross the ocean just to give it to you.  She will also go out her way to ensure you know the whole truth.  She doesn’t lie.  At all.  Okay, well, she did let us believe in Santa Claus.  But when I got old enough to ask, she told me the truth.
  2. Our birthdays are only 3 days apart – we’ve always had fun celebrating together.  I miss her today.  The only time she’s ever missed the 4th of July parade in Windham is when I was born.  And she doesn’t let me forget it.
  3. My mother is very loyal.  She still talks to a lot of her friends from high school.
  4. She’s a great listener.  When I was a kid and something was bothering me, she kept asking until I told her.  I still appreciate it today.  She taught me to talk about it rather than hold it in.
  5. She’s very funny and likes making people laugh.  I call her whenever I need a pick-me-up.

I love you, Mom!  See you soon!

My two best gals

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