A quiet weekend…mostly.


This past weekend we stayed home, but left a few times for just the right amount of adventure.  We thought about going to The Getty to see the new Gustuv Klimt exhibit, but decided to rest in preparation for the exciting week ahead – my birthday, packing, traveling to NY, the holiday, family reunion, Zoe’s dedication, etc.

Fab Fridays

First of all, Fridays are my favorite days.  This past one was especially good.  I love the anticipation of the weekend – sometimes more than the weekend itself.  Zoe and I did all the grocery shopping on Friday so we wouldn’t have to do it on Saturday or Sunday.  Zubair is not a fan of grocery shopping; although, he faithfully goes with me on a regular basis.  He doesn’t like going during the week and I wanted to give him a weekend off.  Plus, since his work is right across from Trader Joe’s, he goes there often.

Brunch is the best

I, normally, like to go out and about on the weekends since I work from home.  Although, once in a while, I don’t mind staying in just to chill, especially with a stocked fridge.  We cooked, rather than eat any meals out, which is probably the first time since we moved here.  My husband and I both love going to brunch so we usually dine out on one of the two days.  We also love making it ourselves; this weekend, we opted to cook both mornings.

Zubair did get pastries at the new Danish bakery though.  The puffed pastry assortment was good, but too similar.  And they didn’t have a cheese danish – our favorite!  I hope they expand their menu or we won’t be going there regularly.

I made Refrigerator Oatmeal for the first time.  I kept seeing the recipe all over pinterest and fb so I figured I better try it.  It was delish and really great to have ready in the morning.  I’m one of those people that needs to eat straight away when I get up.  I always have some raw almonds while I’m making breakfast and this was a nice addition.

A new favorite and an old favorite

We did a few things around the house – dishes, etc., but mostly relaxed and spent time together.  We ran to Lowe’s to get a few things Saturday afternoon.  And Sunday, after dinner, we walked to an ice cream shop I’ve been wanting to try.  I highly recommend Coolhaus!  It’s a small shop about 5-10 min away from our apartment.  I guess they have some food trucks around the city – this is the only storefront.

Zubair had a scoop of the green tea ice cream, which he said was pretty good.  And I had the dirty mint ice cream inside two double chocolate cookies – FABULOUS!  I love that you get to pick your cookies and ice cream combination.  The cookies were amazing and I loved the ice cream; the dirty mint had real mint leaves.  I really can’t say enough about this place.  I will definitely be going back there a lot this summer!

Taken the day after I moved to LA

We ate our ice cream, down the street, at one of my favorite spots in the whole city – Helms Bakery District.  There’s a tiny grass garden in a pretty stone courtyard.  We frequent this place at least once a week because of the nearby cafe, coffee shop, and hot dog food truck.

It’s nice to just sit and people watch.  There are always a couple of families hanging out by the grass so that’s what we did.  The last few times we’ve exposed Zoe to grass it hasn’t gone over that well – nor did it this time.  We’ll have more opportunities to play in the country grass on my parents’ property next week; I hope she gets used to it!

The best weekends include both time to relax and recharge.  I like to recharge by doing something adventurous – even if that means trying a new restaurant.  Thankfully this city is filled with great restaurants, cafes, and bakeries – I am going to find them one weekend at a time.

What do you like to do on the weekends?


  1. Farmer’s Market, work in my gardens, watch a movie (home or out…). Anything but the same old weekday routine! And I’m with you: good food makes for a good weekend.

    • Yea for the Farmer’s Market! Ours is on Tuesdays. But there’s another one in Beverly Hills on Sundays that I want to check out. I miss our backyard and garden… although, it was Zubair who did all the work. Hehe.

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