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Zoe has flown across the country four times now.  I was so very nervous the first time – especially because I had the cat with me too.  We, thankfully, were able to upgrade to business class so we’d have more room. 

Zoe made her presence known right away by letting out a loud cry – she was hot and hungry.  Then before taking off, I dropped her pacifier.  Sweating, all the men in suits dove on the floor to help me find it.  Fortunately, that was the only time she cried.  Having three children himself, the man sitting next to me was extremely nice and sympathetic.

The flight attendants and other passengers remarked on how well she traveled.  Being only 2 months, she mostly slept and ate.  It wasn’t as bad as I had dreaded, but still not an enjoyable experience.  Traveling with a baby means a lot of extra stuff to bring through security.  That part is almost worse than the actual flying.

Breastfeeding on an airplane

I breastfeed; and while I advocate strongly for mothers to be able to breastfeed in public, I get nervous because I am self-conscious.  I would really like to get over this.  I’m fine in front of other women; but, unfortunately, my large bosom has been the subject of many uncomfortable situations.  While growing up even teachers talked to my chest instead of my face.  It’s hard to get over for some reason.  So I usually go in the bathroom to feed her.  I feel bad about it – like I should be braver… (Guilt is not a fun part of motherhood.)  I hope I feel at ease the more I do it.  Nobody has ever said anything to me.  Well, except the airport security guy who found it odd that I didn’t need to carry liquids with me.  When I told him I breastfeed, he made an “eww” face.

Last week was the first time my husband was with me while I was flying with Zoe (now 8 months).  I fed her in the bathroom once and twice in the seat.  It was much easier with him there helping me to cover up.  Just having him there made me less nervous in general.

Finally likes the car

Zoe travels well

Zoe really does so well traveling.  This time, she was asleep for the first hour we were on the plane; played for a while; then took another long nap.  She hardly made a peep; and just like last time, the rest of the travelers commented on how well she did.  All in all – it was a good flight.  The landing was a little bumpy so I felt a little nauseous.  Zoe was fine.  When it comes right down to it – I don’t like to fly.  I used to think it was cool when I was little, but now it’s a pain in the neck.  Too stressful and takes all day from coast to coast.

Change of plans

Since we can’t get a direct flight to Albany, our layover was in Newark .  We rushed to the other end of the terminal to get to the new gate, only to learn the flight was delayed.  Since we were both exhausted, we decided to rent a car to drive to my parents house.  It would take the same amount of time; and we could move at our own pace.  It was an excellent decision – I love road trips much more than flying.  I’m so glad that Zoe is used to her car seat and the car now!  In the future, my husband suggests we fly to NYC and rent a car rather than change planes.  This thrills me.  The less flying, the better.

Getting to my parents house is quite the adventure.  Zoe, being the great baby she is, makes it less of a hurdle.  I am grateful for her easy-going nature and ability to adapt.  Flying may not be my favorite thing to do, but necessary once in a while to see the family.  Zoe has flown more in her young life than most.  I pray she continues to travel well.

Does your baby travel well?  Do you like to fly?

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