5 little changes that are big in Mama’s eyes…


I have heard how fast time goes by when you have a little one.  They change so quickly; and lately, I’m noticing some cute little changes that I don’t want to forget.  Sometimes I look at her and can’t believe how big she’s getting.  I’m trying to savor every moment…

Stopping for a pose while diving for a Cheerio

  1. She’s getting much more mobile.  Not yet crawling on her hands and knees, but scooting across the floor.  All of a sudden she’s in a different spot; and I’m not sure how it happened.
  2. She reaches for everything.  Friday, we went to the mall; and even though she was in the baby carrier, she was trying to grab everything!  She stole the sample cup of iced tea from me!  And while at a wedding last week, she grabbed food off a stranger’s plate as my dad was holding her and walking by.
  3. She plays by herself for a long time.  Well, it seems like forever!  Haha.  She is happy and content on the floor with her toys and the cat.  She and Fiona are interacting more and more too.  So cute!
  4. She gets cranky if she wants something she can’t have it.  Happens more when she’s tired.  This one is not as cute; but, I marvel at how she’s noticing changes.  Before she didn’t care when I wouldn’t let her play with something.
  5. She grabs every little speck off the floor!  Confession: She ate something off the airport floor last week.  I had her on a blanket; but, she got it before I could stop her.

What are some changes you’ve been noticing about your kids?

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