5 things I love about being married and 5 I could live without…


Hubby calls this one “Me and Mrs. Me”

The Good

  1. I never imagined it would be this awesome.  We just have so much fun together.  The best times are when tease and laugh with each other.
  2. There is always someone to do something with!  I don’t require that much alone time; so, I like that he’s always there.  We go on some great adventures together.  Honestly, just going to the ice cream shop with him is an adventure.  He is pretty hilarious.
  3. We’re a great team.  I love that when the circuit breaker goes out, he fixes it.  I love that when I need a break from parenting, he’s right there beside me.  If I cook, he cleans.
  4. It’s fun to dream and plan together.  We have financial goals, travel goals, life goals.  It’s fun to think about what we are doing and want to do with our lives.
  5. And, of course, the intimacy – not just physically; but, I love that I can tell him anything and everything.

The Ugly

  1. I dislike sharing the bedroom closet very much.  We have a lack of storage in this apartment; and I would love to organize my stuff in the closet.  But since it’s the only one in the house, I have to share with hubby and his huge bin of wires.  (Don’t ask.)
  2. The toilet always seems to be dirty.  Enough said.
  3. The car smells like “man”.  He uses it way more than I do; and now, every time I get in it, I feel like scrubbing it down.
  4. He’s mostly a meat and potatoes man.  I love all vegetables.  His list of likes is way shorter than his list of dislikes.  He is really good about trying the dishes I make though.  I can always tell when he doesn’t like it if he doesn’t go for seconds.
  5. I met my match when it comes to arguing.  My mom used to tell me I was the queen of arguing.  Well, I definitely married the king of arguing.  Sometimes it’s fun.  Sometimes it’s tiring.

One of my favs

Thankfully, I’ve been learning that I’m a much happier person if I focus on the good rather than the ugly.  There’s always going to be the not-so-good side of relationships; and, I mostly wanted to bring them up because they are humorous.  I’m sure many women can relate!  So, while it’s important to keep in mind that there will never be perfection – there will always be joy if that’s what you’re looking for.

What do you enjoy about being married?

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