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I’ve never had trouble making friends.  According to my StrengthsFinder 2.o profile, Woo, or winning others over, is one of my top strengths.  I have a natural gift (the gift of gab) that allows me to continue the conversation and put others at ease.  You would think this would come in handy when moving to new places.  And it does… when I actually leave the house.   Haha.

All kidding aside, even though people are very friendly when you have a kid in tow, it’s hard to meet new friends at this stage in life.  It’s just not the same as it was in college – everyone packed together like sardines, growing up together.  Real life is different.  Even though I keep in touch with a handful of friends from college, I still want some mommy friends in the same city.

I’ve heard that meeting other mom friends can be difficult in the beginning and that early motherhood is lonely.  I can understand this because we just didn’t leave the house that much.  Zoe didn’t like the car seat for a long time.  And it was just easier to stay home.  Plus, I didn’t like going places on my own with her.

Pre-Zoe and shortly after my husband and I moved to Atlanta, we joined a small group at our church with other married couples.  We got together on a weekly basis to eat together, have fun, and talk about life.  It’s an awesome way to make friends.  They are my Atlanta family.

Then we moved to LA; and we haven’t gone to church as often – mostly because of Zoe.  Well, it’s not her fault – it’s just harder to get your act together in the morning with a baby around.  She moves at her own pace.  I will not wake her up if she’s sleeping.  And I will not rush through our routine if I don’t have to.  However, we have found a church we really like; and the small groups start up again this fall.  I am very excited.

I have also joined a couple Meet-up groups.  So far, I have only attended one event – a mommy and me movie date.  It was fun; we saw “Brave”.  But the planner wasn’t waiting in the lobby to introduce the new people.  I waited around in the lobby, asked a couple people if they were a part of group, then just went in, and sat by ourselves.  It was fun hanging with Zoe and going to the theater again.  Though I couldn’t help but be disappointed that I didn’t meet anyone.  I will definitely give it a few more tries.

Family yoga is also on the list.  I bought a Living Social deal for five family yoga classes.  I’m pretty excited about this too.  Seems like a good enough place to meet other mamas!

It’s funny how strategic I have to be now.  It’s so different than sitting next to someone in class three times a week.  I actually have to put some effort into going places and meeting people.  I’m sure it will all pay off.  In the near future, I’ll have a couple mom friends; and we’ll get together for play dates so we and the kids can socialize.

Do you have any tips or ideas for meeting new mommy friends?


  1. I struggled with that (well, still do) when we moved to the Balitmore area. I tried some of the programs at the library but after going multiple times, no one talked to me. Our church has small groups but none with babysitting (I guess most people just get their own but we can’t afford that every week). What saved me was a woman’s bible study the same night as the kids’ church program. It didn’t help us make friends as a couple but still allowed me to talk with another adult besides my husband.

    • Hey Sara – I didn’t think needing a babysitter to attend the small group… I thought we would just bring Zoe with us. Ha! I hope they have small groups for parents because I don’t know what we’ll do. And I’ll definitely have to find a woman’s group – that’s a great idea. Thanks!

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