The Boobie-Palooza was fun and important…


Zoe ended up being afraid of the pink elephant balloon and cried every time she saw it until we got rid of it for good

I had the opportunity to attend the Boobie-Palooza yesterday with my husband and daughter.  I was really excited to spend time with other local moms and dads interested in learning about parenting and having fun, all in the name of breastfeeding.  Furthermore, just being there meant that you support nursing in public.  This is important to me because I am trying to get over my lack of confidence in this area.  I’m proud to say that I nursed Zoe at the lunch table.  This is a big step for me.

The vendors were awesome too, don’t get me wrong.  I snagged the VIP tickets because I wanted the swag bag with all the “free” stuff.  We got some really cool things for baby and mama including a bib, blanket, car seat toy, sippy cup, and natural baby wash – which I am running out of so I’m pretty happy about that one.They also had a lot going on for kids – story tellers, games, toys, face-painting.  Zoe is a little too young for this yet, but she loved looking around and observing everything.

Dr. Harvey Karp was there answering questions about his new book on helping babies sleep; and my favorite lady, Ricki Lake, was on a panel discussing childbirth.  Also, the mom on the recent controversial Time cover, Jamie Lynn Grumet (who happens to live in LA), was there talking about her experience; as well as, another mom, Katie Hamilton, who was asked to move while breastfeeding in a museum. 

Unfortunately, I missed seeing the latter duo live because we were crunched for time and left early.  We badly needed to get groceries before Zubair had to go into work for a little while.  But I watched it on ustream later.  Next year I’d like to stay the whole time.  Yes, I’m already planning to go next year.  I love going to events like this and being around a community of people that care about similar parenting principles.

I don’t think Hubby minded it that much either.  There were a bunch of other dads there.  Notice the “I’m the Daddy” sticker in the pic below.  They had free beer and dessert.  And we bought some lunch from one of the food trucks at the event.  Nom Nom is my new fav.  The lemongrass chicken with pickled vegetables tacos were so delicious.  I’m drooling just thinking about them…

The beer garden was a definite perk for the dads (and moms)


  1. Hi! I went to this event too! Although my write up probably won’t be up until Friday cause I’m lazy that way. haha I’m glad you had fun. I’m pregnant with my first, so maybe I have a different perspective on the conference. I know them running out of food was not the best as a very hungry, hot pregnant lady. But it’s great to see it from your perspective and that your family got to enjoy the day together.

    • I can’t believe they ran out of food! They should have been more prepared – especially knowing there would be pregnant women there!

      We went to a similar event in Atlanta when I was about 14 weeks pregnant with Zoe; and I have to say – I appreciated it much more this time around. In the beginning, I didn’t know what to ask and all that. It seemed more helpful this time. And this event was just better all around anyway…

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