Why I won’t cheat on my hair stylist…


I, literally, grew up in a salon.  My mother owned a salon located in our house; and after I was born, she put me in the playpen to hang out while she worked.  She tells me that all her customers loved keeping me company.

Then, as I got older, I still liked to hang out in the salon.  I would get home from school and go in the salon so I could talk to my mom and her patrons.  It was really fun when my friends got off the school bus to get their hair cut.  The best was when I had sleepovers and we did each other’s hair.

My first perm

My mom permed my bangs when I was around five or so; and I started getting my hair colored with semi-permanent hair color when I was about 12.  And I haven’t looked back since.

Getting my hair done is fun type of self-expression.  It’s a great way to quickly update my look.  I color it myself sometimes, but prefer going to a professional because I still love hanging out in the salon.

I remember the first time I let another person, besides my mom, cut my hair.  I was a senior in college and didn’t get a chance to go home before a trip to Washington, D.C. for an interview.  I was nervous and wanted to make sure it was a good experience so I went to a nice place.  And it was a good experience.  I, of course, told the stylist all about growing up in a salon.

Unfortunately, the rest of my subsequent experiences have not all been good.  Getting a bad haircut or color is the worst.  And I’ve tried a bunch of places.  Super Cuts a few times, but never again.  The last time I went there I was desperate; and I regretted it.  I was miserable.  Not all the stylists are bad at Super Cuts, but you usually get what you pay for.  Including the wacky lady who only charged $5 – she twirled my bangs and pinned them up with a white bobby pin.

When I got to LA, I decided that I wasn’t messing around.  I wanted to find a great place right away.  It had been 5 months since I had a hair cut – the longest I have ever gone.  I found M. Bird Studio, a place with-in walking distance that had five stars on Yelp.  I was immediately impressed with the cool space.  And turns out I had an appointment with the owner.  It was an awesome cut.  More than I would like to have paid; but everything is more expensive in LA.

I have been back a couple of times and plan to be a loyal fan.  I absolutely love my hair when I leave the salon.  Part of me wants to explore and try new places, but I’m too nervous to get a bad cut.  Why ruin a good thing, right?  Well, that’s where this whole notion of not cheating on a stylist comes in.  It’s funny how you begin a relationship with your stylist and feel bad if you let someone else touch your hair.  I feel a strong sense of loyalty – probably because it was my mom’s profession.  I know my mom had very loyal customers for years and years.

There’s just something about going to the salon… Maybe it’s the recollection of my fond childhood memories.  I feel at home when I’m there.  The head massage during the shampoo doesn’t hurt either.

It’s amazing how a great haircut can make the world of difference in my mood.  I hardly leave the house during the week; but I love the convenience of a great cut – wash and go.  I don’t like to spend a lot of time of my hair.  And if you have a good cut, you shouldn’t have to.  When you find a good stylist, stick with her or him.  I hope everyone can find a stylist they love and won’t want to cheat on.

First cut in LA

Colored and styled

Second cut




  1. I just had to breakup with my old stylist… which is why I didn’t get a haircut for A LONG LONG TIME. I finally found a new one. I don’t plan on cheating on her. lol

    • I broke up with a stylist before… but I just stopped going to her. I wonder if people ever “break-up” with a stylist like they do a bf or gf. Haha.

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