Does motherhood make you boring?


Karaoke at my bachelorette party

The other night, Hubby and I were doing the usual – sitting on the couch, watching TV while on our computers.   Romantic, I know.  Hehe.  A silly pic came up on my Facebook feed; and I commented on how I thought it was kind of immature.  Zubair looked at me and replied, “Well, you know, Babe – you ARE kind of boring now.”  WHAT?  Me?

Amused, I inquired about what he meant.  He went on to explain that I don’t really do anything wild and crazy… So we looked through all my Facebook pics to see if I could make an argument against his.  It turns out I used to do more “fun” stuff BZ – before Zoe.  But I guess that depends on your definition of “fun”.

I feel like I’m still the same fun-loving adventurous person.  So what’s up?  Does motherhood really make me boring? 

If I was really THAT boring, I would have nothing to write about, right?  And I’m the one that always wants to do something exciting on the weekends, when he just wants to hang out at home.  Yeah, I’m always asking if he wants to go to the museum, go shopping – fun stuff like that.  Not sure if that’s helping my case…

In all seriousness, life has totally changed for me.  I don’t like being away from Zoe for that long.  I miss her when I go to Target for an hour. 

And since we’re still pretty new to LA, it’s not like I have a list of people I can call up asking if they want to go out.  Even if I did have a little black book – I wouldn’t use it.  I like staying home and doing things with my family now.  I was never the regular bar-hopping, clubbing type anyway. 

And if that makes me boring, then so be it!  I love my life.

What about you?  Are you still fun now that you have kids?

This is how I roll now


  1. Hey Jen! I’m definitely a little more boring than I used to be, and like you, I’m okay with that. I was never a bar-hopper or anything, but I did get out to see friends more often. Even if it was just Steve and I going to the movies, we did a whole lot more together before Lucas. (Steve and I have only had 3 dates in the past year and a half since Lucas was born, that’s saying how little we do!) But now that he’s getting older and less fussy, we’re able to take him to more family oriented places. We went on 2 family vacations this year and we are planning a trip to the Bronx Zoo with him next month. I just can’t wait until we can plan a road trip!

    • Road trip to California, right?!?! I know what you mean – we didn’t go out a lot when Zoe was little either. But now she loves going places… it seems like we pretty much everything together as a family. And Zubair and I spend time alone when she’s asleep. Some day I’ll get the courage to leave her alone with the babysitter…

      • Actually, yes! I’ve been planning a road trip to Cali for like 5 years. It’s just having enough vacation time to get it all in, and now waiting for Lucas to be ready 🙂 But we will be there to see you guys eventually!

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