Family day at The Getty


Trying to copy the statue

If you’re ever in LA, you must visit The Getty.  It is spectacular.  I have been to many art museums in Paris, London, New York, Washington, D.C., Seattle, Chicago; and while they are all immensely impressive, the Getty stands out from the crowd because the atmosphere and grounds are absolutely breathtaking. Experiencing the scenery surrounding the buildings is equally, if not more, awesome than experiencing the artwork inside.

We already visited the The Getty Villa in Malibu a few months ago, also pretty amazing; so my expectations were high.  I was beyond thrilled.  As soon as I realized we were going to the cool building on the mountain that I noticed on the ride there, I was giddy like a little kid.

On the way, I said “Look Honey, I wonder if someone lives there.”  (There are a lot of houses built into the hills).  As we got a little closer, my husband pointed out the writing on the outside of the building.  We parked in a huge underground parking garage; followed the others to the elevator; and took the tram to the museum.  My anticipation grew as the tram climbed the hill.

I was excited to see two exhibits: Herb Ritts photography and drawings by Gustuv Klimt.

Celebrity Photographer

One of my favorite artists

As much as I enjoyed the art, I must say that I liked the landscaping and views outside better.  In one spot, I could see downtown LA, the mountains, and the ocean.  It’s my new favorite spot in the city.

It was very hot so we’re going back to explore the gardens when it’s a bit cooler.

Breathtaking view

This view wasn’t so bad either.

Water break

Zoe was an angel.  As usual, she spent most of the time staring at people.  Capturing the hearts of the many older people we passed, one lady spent several minutes petting her on the head like you would a cat.  Zubair told me I should have gone all New York on her!  Haha.  Why do strangers feel the need to touch babies, anyway?

Besides that, it was a lovely day.  Perfect combo of culture, beauty, quality time, and yummy food.  We ate lunch at the museum cafe, which was very tasty.  I had the homemade turkey vegetable soup accompanied by a fruit and cheese plate.  Zubair had a chicken wrap.

Since entrance to the museum is free, they get you on food and parking.  Though a small price to pay for the amount of fun we had.

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