That time I leaked breastmilk in public…


I was mortified.

Out to dinner with one of Hubby’s co-workers at a fancier than usual restaurant, I wore a nice silk shirt.  Zoe was being a doll playing on my lap.  Her head must have been hitting my breast just right.  When I handed her to Zubair, I noticed that I was soaked!

Red-faced, I went to the bathroom.  Upon my return, my husband chuckled while his friend simply stated, “Don’t worry, it happens”.  It certainly made me feel better, but I wasn’t sure he realized it was breastmilk.  All the same, it didn’t ruin my night.  Just brought to mind an incident that so humbly reminded me to never say “never”.

Many months ago, while pregnant, I was standing in the returns line at Wal-mart.  Always a fun thing.  A very young new mother (probably half my age) was holding up the line.  Presumably trying to return some gifts she received.  It was taking a while, and her newborn babe started to cry.  Flustered, the young mom wasn’t quite sure what to do; and then the leaking began.  I felt so sorry and embarrassed for her.  I vowed then, it would never happen to me.

Little did I know…

Have you ever leaked in public?  Share your story in the comments section.



  1. about halfway through marlee’s newborn check-up, the pedi looked at my shirt and said, “i see your milk has come in.” i looked down and i was SOAKED. the girls had to choose that moment to fill up, huh?

  2. I know that I leaked a lot, even with breast pads in, but I think the most memorable one was I the pediatritians office as well. Lucas was crying so hard after a shot that they just couldn’t control themselves.

    • I haven’t noticed mine leaking that much when she cries. They used to leak a lot more in the beginning – that’s why this caught me so off guard. Plus, I usually wear disposable pads when I go out, and save the reusable ones for at home – but I forgot, and left with the reusable ones in!

      • I actually learned to control it, while working 40 hours and pumping, i learned to stop it, so I did not have accidents for Devon. But Alex my first day for work I only was going to work 4 hours I made it 3 1/2 and I was soaked… the funny thing was iI did not have enough milk for him, so it was a shock that it happened!

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