Mostly My Heart Sings By Vicki Flaherty


Vicki is one of my closest friends at work, and last summer she found out she had breast cancer.  Thankfully, her treatment was successful.  Throughout her journey, Vicki documented her story by writing poetry as a healing form of self-expression. 

When I started reading the book of poems she eventually published, I could hardly get through the first page without crying.  I felt like I was experiencing all her emotions right there with her.  ‘Prayer Circle’ is one of my favorites.  There is nothing like the power of prayer.

Prayer Circle

A regular gathering in Her name,
this precious prayer circle.
Spirits bonded by faith
that where two or more gather in prayer,
miracles are possible.
Together friends pray for one in need —
a circle unbroken by time,
expanded to include me.
Prayer warriors they gather
to fight off fear and worry and doubt.
These precious angels-on-earth
form a shield to protect me in difficult times.
Sisters holding my hands,
lifting me up in prayer —
that I may be guided
through the challenges ahead.
Such beautiful voices call upon grace.
These amazing women
generous with their hearts,
feeding me with their light.
I am blessed by their gifts of caring
and enveloped in love.

You can follow Vicki on her Mostly My Heart Sings Facebook fan page, and you can purchase her book directly through her publisher, Turas Publishing, or on

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