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The good stuff

It’s funny how we all have our preferences with food.  The way we were raised has a lot to do with it, for sure.  Thankfully, my husband likes real mayonnaise because, if not, I’m pretty sure it would have been a deal breaker.  No miracle whip in this house!

One food, in particular, that divides us though, is maple syrup.  I grew up on the real stuff and he likes Aunt Jamima.  Yuck.  My dad and his brothers made their own maple syrup.  It was the best!  I’m one of those people that just can’t handle the fake stuff.  You don’t want to sit next to me in a restaurant when they serve it…  You might probably will hear me complain!

I consider myself to be somewhat of a food snob.  I don’t eat the hoity-toity stuff like caviar or pork-belly, but I like to think that I know what good food is all about.

Good food is made from scratch using fresh, simple, flavorful ingredients.  Although, I must admit, I’ve been a little more Sandra Lee with the semi-homemade stuff lately (though I have yet to try one of her recipes).  Pre-baby, I used to make pasta sauce from scratch all the time; but now, I use the jarred stuff from Trader Joe’s or Sprouts and add to it.

Most food I prefer to be homemade, including:

  • Cake – not a fan of the boxed stuff at all…except for the Funfetti kind for some odd reason.  Make the chocolate cake from the recipe on the back of the Hershey’s cocoa container, and you’ll never want to buy another box again.
  • Mashed potatoes – growing up, our family never made potatoes from a box.  I’ve had them at camp and stuff, but they are way too pasty for my liking.  Potatoes are my husband’s favorite, so we eat them a lot.  We get the red potatoes so we don’t have to peel them.
  • Pizza – I make the dough and the sauce, then Zubair shreds the cheese, assembles, and cooks.  There is no other.  I am a huge pizza fan – and I would take our homemade pizza any day!

Brownies are my weakness

But, I really like boxed:

  • Brownies – even the $1.50 box from Target.  They are delish!  I have tried making homemade brownies a few times and didn’t like them.  I like brownies that are fudgy and chewy.  If someone has an awesome recipe for brownies, please share in the comments!
  • Mac ‘n cheese – what can I say?  I like the box stuff.  I used to not care for the homemade kind at all, but then I had my hubby’s.  His the best!

What are your food preferences?  What items do you prefer homemade or from a box?  Share in the comments section!



  1. I’m with you here Jennifer! One of my biggest no-no’s is bottled salad dressing, especially the gelatinous italian with the little red things in it. I’ll use it in a resturant if I must, but ugh! But I agree on most of yours. I do cheat sometimes with some things, but usually prefer homemade!
    Here’s my family salad dressing recipe from my blog- we call it “Grandpa’s Dressing”

    • Yes! That’s a good one – I usually like homemade better too. But only have one recipe that I use – so this is perfect! Thanks! I have to get some dry mustard now…

  2. I am with you! We try to make everything ourselves here, especially in the summer when we have a surplus of garden veggies. I just recently tried making my own BBQ sauce with home grown tomatoes! But, like you said, there are some things made from a box or jar that I can’t do without and brownies are one of them. I’ve tried making them from scratch and they just aren’t the same. Another is frozen stuffed shells. I just can’t seem to make the filling the way they make it!

    • Zubair taught me how to make BBQ sauce but with ketchup. Haha. I bet yours with the fresh-from-the-garden tomatoes was amazing! I made stuffed shells once for Zubair and I think it turned out pretty good – you need ricotta, mozzarella, an egg, spices… I forget what else I used, but that might be it. LOL

  3. I love homemade everything. I even add veggie to the boxed mac n cheese which my husband complain about. I make my own caramel sauce, ranch dip, etc. I have to really think about what I like out of the box. oreos maybe 😛

    • Yum! I bet the caramel sauce is amazing! I’ve seen recipes for homemade oreos, but I haven’t ventured there yet. One of my goals last year was to make pie crust, but I didn’t even do that. I’m nervous! LOL

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