Frugal Friday #2 – Temptation and excuses


Everyday I get so many emails from stores and deal sites announcing their sales.  Save 30%!  Half-off!  Free shipping!  I see the deals, and I can’t help myself… Over the years, I have found many deal sites that offer high quality products at a lower cost.  I am a sucker for these types of marketing strategies.

Right away, I knew I needed to avoid this temptation to be successful in my frugality.  So, all week I’ve been unsubscribing from all the emails.  Just deleting them is not enough.

But it’s on SALE

Temptation is the reason I avoid my favorite stores, and malls in general.  If I see a sale – I immediately find a few things to try on.  If it fits, and looks half way decent, I get it.

My rationale is…you never know when you might need something.  And when you need something, you usually can’t find exactly what you’re looking for.  So you might as well stock up when you find it.  This is especially true with dresses, skirts, and suits.  It doesn’t matter if I am in the market for one of these items or not – if it’s on sale, I like it, and it fits – I purchase it.

When I was single, I bought a new purse just about every month or so.  I was a frequent shopper at Sephora.  I had more clothes than could fit in one closet – some with the tags still on.  I lost count at the number of shoes I owned.  I actually prided myself on the amount of money I saved when I got it at a bargain price.  Who cares if I didn’t need it…or use it afterwards.

I got a little better after I got married, because I got tired of trying to justify all my purchases to my husband.  And since he hates the mall, we didn’t go shopping that often.  But this only led to more online shopping.

And that’s pretty much how it got so crazy.  I realized how easy it was to buy something online – especially when they let you save your credit card information.  When I get bored, I browse and add stuff to my shopping cart.  One click and in a few days, it’s at your front door.  We even buy some groceries and household items this way too.  We bought our couch, TV console, and book shelves online.

So now I’m not only avoiding the stores, I’m avoiding their websites too.  My inbox is less tempting.  And my bank account is happier.

But I still need to stop fooling myself when it comes to wants vs. needs.  And I need to stop thinking I deserve stuff.  More on that next week.

How am I doing?

This box made me so nervous

Pretty good except I totally spaced on Sunday night and bought an e-book for my Kindle.  Thankfully, it was only $3.

Also, the UPS man (who is very friendly – probably because I make sure he will always have a job) visited us.  I saw the MyHabit (one of my favorite deal sites) box and got really nervous.  When did I order something?  But then I remembered I asked to Zubair to buy a toy for Zoe’s birthday.  Is that cheating if I make my husband buy it?  At least it’s for her birthday.

Are you tempted by great deals even when you don’t need something?  If so, tell us about it in the comments section!

To catch up on my Frugal Friday Challenge, read last week’s post.


  1. Oh yes, Jen… oh yes…. Since I stopped working after having Lucas, I decided to try and cut corners where ever we could. So, naturally, I started couponing. And then it became and obsession. I realized, like the commericals say, it’s like printing money. Not only am I getting things at next to nothing costs, I am actually get paid to take some things off shelves. Needless to say, I go a little overboard sometimes. I have about 20 packages of pantyliners and about 50 razors in our basement right now. I haven’t been too bad lately, but when Shop Rite has a sale and I have a coupon that doubles, look out!

    • Oh wow – I guess I know where to go when I need razors! Yeah – I’m such a sucker for coupons. I haven’t gotten in to much extreme couponing, but I feel like I’m losing money if I don’t get the item. And I’m really bad when it comes to need to reach a certain amount of money to get the coupon or free shipping!

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