Start a hobby with your spouse in 3 simple steps


At Six Flags

Now that we’re parents, we obviously have a lot to keep us busy.  Plus, we both have a career.  However, I’ve found that enjoying a hobby together is a great way to ensure we focus our energy on each other on a regular basis.

Our hobby gives us a fun, common goal to work towards that’s outside of our normal routine.  We are creating something together.

My birthday present

This blog is a joint effort.  While I take care of the content, my husband does all the back end technical stuff and design work.  We have “meetings” to discuss changes and how things are going.  It’s REALLY fun.  It’s something we have in common, and are both passionate about.

When we talk about the blog, it doesn’t feel like we’re talking about work at all.  Since it’s a topic we both enjoy – the time spent is a great way for us to bond and be creative.

I encourage every couple to have a joint hobby.   The time spent can be like a date night, but it’s more than that.  It’s not just going to dinner and a movie.  It’s an on-going way for you both to be challenged.  To grow together.

If you don’t have a hobby yet, here are the steps to make it happen:

  1. Find a subject that you both enjoy.  My husband loves building websites; and now, he has got me involved.  He must be thrilled that he can now talk “tech” with me.  I hope he’s proud I know what SEO means.
  2. Make the time.  A lot of our planning happens while we’re doing something else.  For instance, sometimes we both lay down when Zoe is going to bed and talk.
  3. Execute.  Building something together is so rewarding.  I love that we both have time and effort invested.  It’s OURS because we created it together.

In Montreal

If you or your spouse aren’t technically savvy, there are still a ton of potential hobbies out there for you to explore.  Whether it be exercise, cooking classes, art, sports, etc.  It doesn’t matter.

My parents are bee-keepers.  Well, my dad does most of the work; but, my mom keeps him company, and likes to collect the money for the honey they sell.

It’s okay to start something and change your mind.  The adventure is in the journey itself – not the end product.  Even if no one every reads my blog – it’s not a failure because we have enjoyed the time we’ve spent, and learned a great deal.

We also both love art, and love to visit museums.  So, that’s something we can do together, and as a family.  We critique and discuss the works of art – and learn from each other.  Well, Zubair is the one who went to art school, so I mostly learn from him.

Out on the town (pre-Zoe)

You don’t have a to be an expert, or even good, at the potential hobby.  Learning about a new topic can be half the fun.  You don’t even have to spend money.

Here are a bunch of ideas of hobbies that you can do together:

  • Grow a garden
  • Design and work on your landscaping
  • Learn tennis or golf
  • Get season tickets to a sporting event or the opera
  • Take art, dance, or cooking classes
  • Go running together
  • Build furniture
  • Make soap or candles
  • Go on picture-taking walks
  • Visit museums
  • Read the same book and discuss
  • Play XBox or another video game
  • Cook new recipes
  • Collect coins or stamps
  • Write a book

Tell us about the hobby you share with your spouse in the comments section!

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