Frugal Friday #3 – Why I think I deserve nice things…


I work hard, so I deserve nice things, right?

Last week, I wrote about all my temptations and excuses for all my purchases over the years.  But, probably, my number one excuse is thinking I deserve nice things.  Now, I don’t go around telling people that.  It’s in the back of mind somewhere with all the other lies that I try to tell myself from time to time.

Since I have a good job, and make a decent living, I treat myself to items that I think I need.  However, the reality is – I don’t really need much of anything.  I have enough clothes to last me quite a while.  I wear mostly lounge clothes during the week, anyway.  I think I might ask for a couple pairs of lounge pants for Christmas (if I can last that long) though because I’m sick of the bubble gum pink ones…

On the weekends, I have a couple jeans that fit to wear out of the house.  I guess I should mention here that not all my pre-pregnancy clothes fit me yet.  Too bad I don’t have people throwing money at me to lose my baby weight a la Jessica Simpson and Weight Watchers.

Dare I show you my messy closet

You see, I don’t think it’s wrong to buy nice things for myself on occasion.  But I have a problem when it comes to excess.  I don’t know where to draw the line.  When is it okay to buy something, and when is it not?

I have a ton of beautiful handbags sitting in my closet that I never use.  I have used them before – but now I use diaper bags the majority of the time.  I even sold some bags at a consignment shop last year, and gave some away to friends.  I can’t seem to part with the rest.

I mentioned earlier this week, that someday I would like to be less attached to stuff so I can live a more simple life.  And even more – what values do I want to pass down to my daughter?  What do I want to teach her about money and owning stuff?

This series is really challenging me.  I am, essentially, picking apart my issues with money and objects, and getting to the heart of the matter.  I’m learning where to draw the line, and how to be smart about purchases.  I hope it’s helpful, or, at least, insightful to others as well.

How am I doing?

Very excellent this past week.  I hardly bought anything, except for groceries and pet supplies.  And I didn’t even make my Hubby buy anything for me.  Well, I did have one weak moment, and ask him to get me a digital copy of Pink’s new CD.  But he didn’t, so I’m all good.

Besides the CD, I wasn’t even that tempted this week.  It is VERY helpful to know that I am accountable to my readers.  I don’t want to have to announce to the world that I’ve failed.

Do you ever fall in to the trap of feeling you deserve something because you work hard as a parent and/or at your job?  Tell us about in the comments section.

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