Frugal Friday #4 – Making confessions to my husband


When I feel guilty about a purchase, I make a confession to my husband.

Or I ask him if it’s okay to buy something.  If he says yes, then I don’t need to feel guilty about it.  It’s almost like he’s my priest or something.  He gives me blessings and pardons.  And then my guilt is gone.

I used to do the same thing with my mother.  I would tell her about my latest purchases, and depending on her reaction – I would know how to feel about it.

It’s a totally cheap way of not taking responsibility.

And yet, shouldn’t couples discuss purchases?  It’s not like we both don’t check the bank account online.  However, it’s not like I ask permission or forgiveness when it comes to toilet paper or groceries.  I KNOW those things are okay.  It’s just when they are things I know I don’t need, or I’m on the fence about it.

My husband is happy that I’m doing this challenge because he likes that we’re saving money.  I don’t think he really cares that much when I get stuff though.  He’s a very easy-going guy, so, thankfully, he lets things roll off his back.  Once in a while, I do get a look…

Zubair doesn’t buy stuff very often; and when he does, it’s usually something to do with electronics.   He’s definitely a more calculated spender.  He has a lot more patience than I do.  He’s been wanting a new camera for LONG time.  Granted, it’s pricy – but I don’t know if I could have that kind of will power.

I’m an impulse shopper.  And that’s probably why I want his approval – I know I shouldn’t buy it.  But I feel better if he is okay with it.

How am I doing?

This week was tougher.  In other words, I bought a few things.

A digital cookbook for $3, and three cloth diapers for $43 with shipping.  They were a really great deal with more than 40% off!  And I asked my husband if it was okay… He agreed that we could use a few more of some of our favorite diapers.  But I still kind of feel bad.  Like I let myself down.  Then I remember I’m only human, and get over it. is going to be the death of me, or my bank account, at least.

Have you ever made confessions about any of your purchases?  Please share in the comments section!

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