Our quiet Thanksgiving week with a sick baby…


This year was the first Thanksgiving spent with just the three of us…the first time we didn’t celebrate with extended family or friends.  It was nice and quiet.  We even had our meal catered to make it even more relaxing and easy.

Zubair had to work the day before, and the Saturday after – so we decided to let someone else cook for us.  We both love to cook, but weren’t feeling up to it this year.  I really enjoyed our meal, and would choose this option again in a heartbeat.

It ended up being a wonderful decision, because little did we know, Zoe wouldn’t feel well that whole week.  She needed our undivided attention.

On the Sunday before Thanksgiving, Zoe came down with a fever and wasn’t herself.  She didn’t want to play or do anything, so we snuggled on the couch practically the whole day.  Zubair was called into work; which meant we could watch the Katy Perry movie.

Feeling good for a few minutes in the midst of it all while stealing my spaghetti

A few times she got a jolt of energy to play for a few minutes.  She nursed and ate a little bit.  I took her temperature on a regular basis.  I did get a little nervous at one point, so I gave her some baby Tylenol.  I also gave her a bath.  She wasn’t too happy, which is unusual for her.  But I think it helped.

She didn’t have any other symptoms of being sick, so I thought she was just teething.  The same thing happened last time she cut her teeth.

Zoe still had a fever on Monday, and only wanted to lay on me the whole day.  Tuesday, the fever was gone, but she still wasn’t herself.  At that point, I figured we should go to the doctor just in case.

I made an appointment for later that day at a new pediatrician’s office.  She checked Zoe’s ears and throat, but couldn’t find a sign of an infection.  She tried to collect a urine sample; however, Zoe was bladder shy.

The Doctor mentioned that Zoe could have Roseola – a virus that produced a high fever for a few days, then suddenly broke with an all-over rash.

She thought a UTI was unlikely, but if Zoe still had a fever the next day, to come back to the office to try again for a urine sample.  She suggested a homeopathic remedy for fevers, so we went home with that.

So on Wednesday, I took Zoe’s temp again.  She had a very slight fever, but it didn’t last.  And she seemed to be feeling better.  Again, I chalked it all up to teething.  The Doctor didn’t think teething would cause such a high fever.  But I’ve read numerous times on forums about how moms say their kids have a fever during teething and the docs never want to admit that it’s from teething.

I knew she was feeling better when she wanted to empty the diaper bag

But that night, I saw red spots on her arms…and then all over.  She looked like a little lobster.  I still don’t know how she got Roseola.  But I guess it’s very common.

The rash lasted a few days, but even so – she started to get back to her normal self.

This was her first time being sick.  It’s tough on baby and Mama.  At one point, when she was upset, I cried too because I felt so helpless.  It seemed like there was nothing I could do to comfort her.  It broke my heart to see her in pain.

At night, she was restless.  She would wake up crying.  Zubair and I both think she was teething also because she’s cutting two molars on top; so we gave her some cold grapes to help soothe her gums.  She loved the midnight picnic in bed.

It’s so hard when they are little and can’t communicate what they are feeling.  I’m so glad she’s better and wants to play again.  I really missed her laugh.

Thanksgiving sure was different this year.  But it’s my favorite holiday.  And I have plenty to be thankful for.


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