30 Days of Thanks…


The past couple of years I’ve noticed people posting on Facebook what they are thankful for each day of November.  I’ve been wanting to do this, but didn’t have my act together again this year.

So here are 30 things (some serious, some fun) I’m thankful for, all in one post in no particular order…

  1. My husband – I really hit the relationship jackpot.  He’s caring, funny, and super hot!  Even my great-aunt thinks so…  What more could I ask for?
  2. My daughter – she’s the light of my life.
  3. The little peanut growing in my tummy.
  4. My parents and brother.
  5. Growing up in a small town.  It was safe, clean, and friendly.
  6. My education.  Not just because of the degrees, but because of all the relationships and experiences I had in college in grad school.  Definitely an important time in my life.
  7. Living in a great city with so much to offer.
  8. My hair – not to sound shallow or anything, but I rarely have bad hair days.  A good haircut makes all the difference.
  9. Living in a country with so many freedoms.
  10. For my job.  I am very grateful I can work from home.  And I get to be involved in some pretty cool  projects.
  11. For my husband’s job.  Moved us across the country on this awesome adventure.
  12. My awesome college friends.  I can’t believe it’s almost been 10 years since we graduated!  We still keep in touch, and that means a lot.
  13. Facebook.  It’s a great way to keep in touch with all the people I’ve met over the years.
  14. Growing up with a loving church family.  I was fortunate to have a supportive community.
  15. Having the freedom to attend whatever church I want.  Even though, we don’t go regularly.  I’m glad we found a place to feel at home.
  16. Being a follower of Jesus.
  17. Switching my insurance so I can have the birth I want – more to come on that story!
  18. Technology.  Sometimes it’s a pain, but it can make life a lot easier.
  19. Knowing seven of my great-grandparents.
  20. My health.
  21. Our apartment.  Even though it’s small, it’s our home.  Great memories are being made here.
  22. Comfortable clothing.  I’m rocking the maternity look again.
  23. My air popper.  There’s nothing like fresh popcorn with melted butter!
  24. My furry friend, Fiona.
  25. Cupcakes.  Especially, Sprinkles.
  26. The Holiday Season.  I love the anticipation and festivities leading up to Christmas.
  27. Access to fresh and delicious food.  And chocolate.
  28. The sun.  This week it’s been cloudy and rainy so I miss the sun a little.
  29. Fall weather.  Though I miss the sun, I love that the temp has dropped.  I love fall clothing and boots!
  30. Free laundry.  It’s a good thing because I sure do a lot of loads every week!

I’m sure I missed a bunch of stuff.  But it’s certainly a great reminder of all I have to thankful for this year and every year.


  1. Thankful for you to Jenna 🙂

  2. I always love reading what people are thankful for. Great list!

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