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So, yes – it’s been a very long time since I posted anything.  I have a lot of excuses, reasons; mostly, I just didn’t feel like writing and editing.  Someday I’ll be a super blogger.  Oh well.  I have a few things that are just dying to get out.  Here’s the update:

  1. She loves wearing Mom's shoes

    She loves wearing Mom’s shoes

    Zubair’s schedule is starting to get to me.  Don’t get me wrong – we’ve made it work.  And I love saving money on childcare.  But that whole “two ships passing in the night” is our life right now.  We are on completely different schedules.  And to make matters worse, now he doesn’t get home until past midnight – so there’s no way that I can stay up to say goodnight to him anymore.  I miss him.  The weekends have become so sacred to me.  Unfortunately, he just found out he has to work two Saturdays a month now.  I will be happy when this is over.  But I don’t want to wish our lives away.  This might be the new normal for a little while.  The benefits are definitely a plus…

  2. Because we are saving to pay cash for a “new-to-us” car; and we have some other financial goals we want to meet by the end of the year.  So all the overtime is very nice for our bank account.  I am very excited for a newer car.  My “social work mobile” has been around since 2005.  It’s a 1998 Toyota Corolla.  It had a dent when I got it, but it’s been such a wonderfully reliable car.  It will be hard to get rid of… However, the driver’s side window doesn’t go down, so I hate going to parking garages where I need to get a ticket.  The gas tank has a leak or something, so we can’t fill it up or else it will smell.  I hate bending down so far to put Zoe in the car seat.  I haven’t done it in forever.  I let Zubair do it when we go out now that my belly is so large.  Plus, we need a family car that can fit both carseats and strollers.
  3. 33 weeks!

    33 weeks on Easter!

    Our new little bundle of joy is expected next month.  I am way more ready this time than before.  Probably because I know what to expect.  It seems less overwhelming.  I am still freaking out about how I’m going to manage two kids though.  I know billions of people have done this before – and that gives me great comfort.  I am looking forward to meeting him and seeing Zoe with him.  I’ve also been thinking a lot about what it will be like to be a mama to a boy.  I don’t suspect it will be that different.  Interesting, nonetheless.  Besides a couple loads of laundry to prep his clothes, and getting out the bassinet, I am ready for his arrival!

  4. Being a parent is second only to being a wife.  Zoe is such a joy.  I love this stage.  There are moments when my patience is surely tested… like how many times can I tell her to stop touching the buttons on the side of the TV!  But she is my little pal.  I love sharing popcorn with her in the afternoons; having her “help” me put the laundry away; seeing her face light up at every little thing; hearing her “woof” like a dog.  My eyes are welling up with tears just thinking about her precious life.  I feel so fortunate to be her mother and experience life with her.  I want her to be safe and happy forever.  I hear people say that having another baby means your love multiples instead of divides.  I can only imagine how wonderful that feels.
Playing in the covers

Playing in the covers

Stealing Mom's kale smoothie after she drank all hers

Stealing Mom’s kale smoothie after she drank all hers

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