The joys and sorrows of infanthood…


I post a lot of happy statuses and pictures on Facebook.  I mean, who wants to read depressing stuff in their news feed?  Plus, I like celebrating the fun with others.  But on the flip side of that – I like to hear encouragement on the not-so-good days too.

I feel like no one really talks about how hard motherhood is in the early days.  Everyone wants to focus on the cute baby instead of the roller coaster of emotions that a woman feels after popping out a kid.  Sure, babies are a blessing; but along with the joy are depression and resentment.

I believe many more mothers experience the negative emotions than just those who are willing to talk about it.  Because of the guilt.  How can we feel so negative at such a joyous time?

Savvy healthcare professionals will tell you it’s normal to have crazy emotions in the ten days following the birth as your hormones regulate.  After that they will tell you about the risks and treatment of postpartum depression.

I am here to tell you that I probably had postpartum depression.  I wept for no reason; was angry that I had to wake up in the middle of the night so many times; and was anxious about caring for two kids.  Thankfully, it was brief and easily treated with supplements.  I still have down days, and that’s normal too.

Parenting is the hardest job of all.  We are responsible for these little humans who need us at every possible second of the day.  We don’t always get a break.  And when we do we blog, do dishes, nap, clean the toilet – whatever needs to be done.  Though I’m learning that I need to take a few minutes for a hobby rather than always rushing to get the laundry done.  And I’m constantly reminding myself of the positive.

That’s how I handle tough situations – I let myself feel the hard parts for a little while, then focus on the good stuff.  I try not to bury the negative emotions because then it just builds up and gets worse.  Let it out and be free.


  1. Love you and love your honesty!!!

  2. I love this Jen! Any social media outlet will make you think that everyone else’s life is perfect but that is only a snapshot and it is important for us all to realize that nothing is perfect. I can really relate to this post because we prayed long and hard for little Lennon and I felt guilty when I was frustrated or upset, I felt like I was being ungrateful but in reality — that adjustment is hard! There is no preparing for it and I appreciate your transparency. You are not alone! Love you friend…

    • Hey Emily! So true… sometimes I feel guilty only posting the good stuff. But I don’t always like to see other people complaining. There’s definitely a positive way to be REAL and honest about what’s going on. It’s easier to do that on the blog for sure.

      Almost feels like hard is an understatement – one day I asked Zubair to stay home from work. It felt like I couldn’t handle it without him. I don’t know how the single parents do it…

  3. Jenn, glad you are back at the blogging. Thanks for your honest post!

  4. Thank you so much for a very honest post! I really appreciate it. I really learned a lot because of this post Jen. I love reading your blog because you are such an amazing writer. Thank you for sharing your experiences and some tips along the way! Thank you!

  5. proud of you! i think getting it out is so important 🙂

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