Greyson arrives via home water birth: Part 2

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In case you missed Part 1, catch up on that first by clicking here.

Immediately after the birth

I stayed in the water for a few minutes to catch my breath.  It was just so comfortable.  Then we went to the bed so the midwives could do their thing.

I birthed my placenta.  Then they made sure my bleeding stopped.  I sat up to go into the bathroom but was a little dizzy.  They determined I was losing a little more blood than I should be.  So they gave me a shot to help stop the bleeding and did a few other things. It all happened so quickly – plus I was in my oxytocin daze – it all seems to blur together.

My uterus had big blood clots in it so the midwife had to remove them before it could shrink down and stop bleeding.  After the treatments, I stopped bleeding so heavily, thank goodness.

Also, at some point, Greyson began breastfeeding, which helps shrink the uterus too.  He immediately had a good strong latch.

The midwives were at our home for 4 more hours after Greyson was born.  They had to make sure I was okay; do the newborn exam; clean up the pool area; and give me some instructions.

By the time they left at a few minutes past 3 am, I was exhausted and ready for some sleep.  Yea again for my own bed!

The first few days

loveBasically, I stayed in bed for a few days just eating, resting, and nursing Greyson.  My husband took very good care of me.  Among many other things, he kept me hydrated; changed all the diapers; and entertained Zoe – all while getting just as little sleep as me.

This is something we didn’t really think about beforehand.  In the hospital – the nurses waited on me.  But since we didn’t have that, it was up to Zubair.  I kind of felt bad.  But tried not to feel too guilty because I would do the same for him.

We hired a postpartum doula to help around the house and with Zoe.  It was a good decision; however, she is new and inexperienced, which was a slight challenge.

The jaundice

In addition, we had to deal with Greyson’s jaundice.  Since my blood type is O+ and Zubair is either B+ or AB, our kids had a chance of ending up with his blood type.  Well, they both did.  And somehow that creates a problem.  Zoe and Greyson are B+, which means that when a little of my blood got into them, it was fighting.  That’s a very unmedical description of it.  It makes the jaundice a little worse than normal.

With Zoe, the hospital staff just took care of it without really discussing it with us.  We didn’t really know what was happening.  They put her on the bilibed and practically forced me to give her formula since my milk wasn’t all the way in yet.

This time we were better prepared.  We worked closely with the midwife, our pediatrician, and a lactation consultant who brought the bilibed to the house.  It was still stressful because it was over memorial day weekend; and we weren’t sure if we could access all the services at first.  But thankfully, in the end,  it all worked out.  And our little boy is super healthy.bed

I can’t say it enough – I am so thankful for this birth experience.  Birth is such a magical time.  There are so many amazing things that happen.  My wish is that every mother has the birth experience she deserves.

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