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Today’s special treat is brought to us by my friend, Lauren, from  Check out her beautiful blog.  Not only are her pictures awesome, but she has some very fun ideas for living in LA (you don’t have to live here to enjoy!).  Since I’m a little busy with the kids lately, I haven’t had a chance to explore the city as much as I’ve wanted… so thanks to Lauren, I can live vicariously through her adventures.  Oh, and I didn’t pay her to say all those nice things about me!

When Jenn asked if I would contribute a guest post for New Mom, New City, I thought a lot about what to write.  Here I am, writing about restaurants, travel, home decor, and my specialty LA’s Westside–all fun and important stuff of course, but how could a fizzy cocktail recipe hold a candle to Jenn’s incredible birthing story about how she’s a total BA and did an all-natural at-home water birth!?  I mean, this mama of two sweet babes is a superhero!  She does such an amazing job of being transparent and honest about the real deep stuff of life and is such an inspiration to others.  What could I possibly bring to this table?

Then, I realized, you know what?  Not much can stand up to that.  But, luckily we all need a little levity.  Probably most of all, our dear Jenn could use a relaxing girls’ day.  So, readers and friends, even though we can’t actually take the day off, let’s take little digital Mental Health Day!

Maybe just the thought of what we could do with all those glorious hours of freedom could be therapeutic?  Here’s to hoping!  So, what would I do if I had the whole day for a mental health day?  Let’s pretend…

We’d start the day off with eggs benny for brunch at my fave, the Wood Cafe.  Followed by an iced chai from Intellegensia on Abbot Kinney.

Then, we’d swing by Deluxe for a relaxing mani/pedi.  It’s Summer, so I’m thinking Essie Turquoise and Caicos for fingers (in photo above) and OPI A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find on the toes.

After that, a leisurely walk along the beach, careful not to mess up our nails, of course (which is sadly inevitable for me).  We’d chat and soak in the sun and waves.  Then we’d head in to Tender Greens in Culver City to eat a yummy Chipotle BBQ Chicken Salad.  This day is just getting better and better!

Time for a matinee at Pacific Culver Stadium 12, something cheesy and girly for sure.  Then dinner at Lyfe Kitchen (which we know Jenn loves, and I still have to try)!

real simpleWe’d probably polish off the evening with a creamy coconut flavored Pinkberry with blueberries on top, and settle in on the couch to read the latest Real Simple with a nice glass of red.

Sigh.  Sounds pretty perfect to me.  What would your mental health day look like?




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Lauren Wilson is a Midwest transplant to Los Angeles, where she lives on the Westside with her husband.  She currently works as a freelance producer and in her free time enjoys performing improv, constantly redecorating the house, and trying new restaurants.  You can read her blog at  

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