3 ways I can ease my current Mommy guilt

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Mommy guilt is a killer.  I try not to beat myself up – especially now as I’m transitioning in to being a mom of two.  Parenting is hard work.  I know I make mistakes.  But I do the best that I can.  Here are some areas I would like to improve upon:

  1. Toutsideake them outside more often.  I hated going outside when I was a kid.  My mom had to kick my brother and me outside. I’m not really an outdoorsy kind of person.  I always have an excuse.  Too tired.  Too hot.  Too many bugs.  Just don’t want to.  But I feel really bad that Zoe is stuck inside with me.  She loves to go outside – even if it’s to run up and down the driveway.  Because that’s pretty much all it is.  We have a very tiny patch of grass out front; the rest is pavement.  And we don’t have a nearby park.  And Zubair takes the car to work.  See – I’m really good at excuses.  I feel really good when we go to the park on the weekends.  My goal is to take her out more often – later in the day when it’s cooler.
  2. Make proper lunches again.  Before Greyson came along, Zoe and I always had lunch together.  She would have whatever I was having.  But now, our schedule is all off.  I’m distracted with a newborn; and before I know it – it’s nap time.  And oh, wait, Zoe hasn’t eaten lunch.  The other day she was in bed waiting for me while I quickly made a pb and j sandwich to shove down my throat.  Thankfully, she ate some of that.  Lately, it seems like I eat when they are sleeping.  It’s the one chance I get to make something and actually eat it without being interrupted.  I worry if Zoe is starving, and then I come back to reality.  She’s more than fine; eats enough while running around – just like every other toddler her age.  But now that I’m getting my groove back, it should be easier to have lunch before nap time again.
  3. playTurn off the TV.  Not gonna lie.  Sometimes, I am a couch potato.  I wouldn’t call myself lazy because I get a lot done during the day.  You know, taking care of the kids, housework, and all that jazz.  But I like to keep the TV on for background noise.  I don’t like it too quiet.  It seems like all of a sudden Zoe is paying way too much attention to it.  And for this, I feel guilty.  I always thought that I wouldn’t let her watch TV until she was two.  But that didn’t happen – because I have it on quite a bit.  Sometimes I am thankful she’s distracted by the TV when I am feeding her brother rather than getting into something she shouldn’t.  We read books, play tea party all in the same room with the TV.  I will turn it off more often, and enjoy the quiet moments while I can.

What gives you Mommy guilt and how can you fix it?

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  1. I can attest to each of these myself. I’m very fair skinned so going outside is not one of my favorite activities, but Lucas loves it. He would live outside if I let him. Luckily, he has his daddy’s skin and doesn’t burn to a crisp in 5 minutes like me.

    Breakfast, lunch and dinner are a problem in our house. Lucas is at that stage where he doesn’t want anything and we are finding ourselves having to make 2 meals. Except those days where I’m done making dinner and think, “oh great, what’s Lucas going to eat?…”

    I’m the same with TV. If Lucas and I are playing, I need background noise. Luckily I can slap on some PBS or a Disney movie and feel safe enough that he’s going to be okay. In the long run, I don’t think having the TV on is going to effect him negatively. If anything, I think he’s actually learning from the PBS shows that are geared toward kids slightly older than him.

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