My girl crush and The Honest Company


I should probably start with a disclaimer:  I have a total girl crush on Jessica Alba.  I love her style!  Every time I see her in a magazine or online, I want the outfit she’s wearing.  I can’t say I’m a fan of her work because the only thing I know her from is the Fantastic Four.  I never watched Dark Angel.  I’ve just always admired her clothes.  She’s my style icon for the ideal California-cool, mom look… ps. I wasn’t paid for this post – I’m just fanatic about their stuff!

When I heard that she (along with partners) would be launching a natural products line with eco-friendly diapers I was super excited.  I started buying stuff from The Honest Company over a year ago and have slowly fallen in love with almost everything.  I’m pretty sure that I’ve have tried just about everything they make!

My favorite products are:

  • the diapers – the prints are awesome and my kids have never had a rash with these
  • multi-surface cleaner – I use it on everything and it works wonders
  • bubble bath – perfect for the kids’ bath time and the light scent is great
  • lip balm – it’s organic and now the only balm I use
  • and canvas tote – I love the long strong and the color

My least favorite is the dish soap because it doesn’t seem to cut the grease that well. So i went back to using the Method brand.

I love that I can trust the ingredients in these products.  The scents are super clean and non-intrusive. I use the laundry detergent on the kids’ and my clothes (Zubair still wants Tide for his) and love that it’s non-toxic and unscented. Stop using smelly products, people! They are really bad for you.

I love that I can get everything shipped to me on a regular basis so I don’t have to worry about running out of anything. I seriously have never been so fanatic about one brand before. I usually like to try different things all the time. But this time I’m sticking around.

Jessica Alba also released a book she wrote to go alongside her business.  Sure, it promotes their products – but it offers much more about healthy living. I enjoyed the section on decorating in an eco-friendly way. And I’ve made a couple of her recipes.

If you want to try Honest products, please use my referral code. I promise you’ll be thrilled.



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