About our move to the SF Bay Area…

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It seems like after I have a baby, the best thing to do is move to a different city.  Very logical and not stressful at all.  🙂

Playing in the midst of moving

Playing in the midst of moving

Hubby was looking around for a new job, and he kept getting offers from the bay area.  He said he would never move and really liked LA. But I said, what the heck – might as well see all the possibilities!  Well, he got a great offer from a start-up…and now he’s employee #1 – with a lot of responsibility, influence, and stock in the company.

I am so very happy we moved. There are definitely things about LA that I miss. Culver City is a wonderful town with lots of charm.  It’s family-friendly with great restaurants and parks. However, our new home – Emeryville, offers fresh air, more space for the kids to run around, and close proximity to family and friends!

My brother is only about an hour north and my husband’s sister and her husband live an hour south. Plus, to top it off, my friend from high school is right across the Bay Bridge – only 15 minutes, if traffic permits (I really only go into the city to see her or for Zubair’s work functions).

After making the decision in November to move, we flew to NY for 10 days to see our family.  While there we scoured the internet and called around for possible places to live.  We returned to LA only to drive to San Francisco a few days later.  We only looked at three places and decided on an apartment complex in a great location. It is easy, spacious, and near the Ikea!

Playing tetris with our stuff

Playing tetris with our stuff

Then we started packing up the house so we could move in two weeks at the end of the November. Our great friends Michelle and J.P. helped us pack. We (mostly only Zubair) loaded up the truck and left the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to start our journey.

I cried when I said goodbye to our home in LA – it’s where Zoe learned to walk and where Greyson was born…

All in all, the kids were amazing through this process. They are so resilient. I still have the image of them taking a nap on the floor because all the furniture was in the truck.

Catching some zzzz's on the floor

Catching some zzzz’s on the floor

We drove all day on Thanksgiving. With much to be thankful for, we finally arrived at the hotel and ordered Chinese for dinner. Sadly, we missed a feast prepared by Danielle, my friend from high school. But we were relieved to have the hardest part of moving over with.

The next day we got the keys to the new place.  My brother and Zubair’s new colleague helped us unload the truck.

Our new apartment seems so much bigger, and it certainly has more closet space! We had one closet in our old apartment – this one has five! Plus, we have our own patio and a huge courtyard for the kids to play on. We’ve met some of our neighbors – in fact, Zoe plays with their little girl several times a week.

We’ve already become members of the De Young art museum and the Oakland Zoo. I feel like it took us a lot less time to get settled and make this feel like home…

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Jen! Great to read what’s been up. Moving with kids can be so stressful-glad to hear yours did so well! 🙂

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